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Home Designer: Design for Wellness.

Imagine if your home was specifically ‘designed for wellness’? If interior design and interior styling had the specific intent to bring visual beauty and energetic harmony to you and your family. It was created with design alchemy.

Now imagine if every element in your home’s interior was a conversation with each other? The inside of your home would flow well and be in harmony.

Awaken Designs specialises in ‘Design for Wellness’ for home environments. When homes are designed and styled well, they create maximum rejuvenation and nourishment for those who live there.

Your home becomes a true sanctuary of wellness that restores you and your family.

All home projects start with a Consultation. Then if needed, we completely project manage your home design.

Consultation: Home Renovation or Build.

Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a new home, Awaken Designs initially works with you with an in-depth Consultation to devise the best home interior design and styling possible.

In our Consultations, we understand your objectives and assess any building or environmental challenges before presenting a customised design solution. We also work alongside your Architect to ensure a streamlined result.

Our Consultations are specifically tailored to your needs.

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Project Management: Home Renovation or Build.

Renovating, upgrading or building a new home requires experienced skill to ensure that all contracting partners – builders, architects, environmental engineers, landscapers and tradespeople are well-co-ordinated, held accountable and deliver quality service.

Awaken Designs project manages every step of the project build for you. Detailed care is taken at each step of construction. The design then becomes well-integrated. We also source quality suppliers and the best artisans for all your design features and finishes.

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“This residence epitomised the glory of the art deco era whilst exuding a modern, eco-friendly yet functional twist – sheer genius. .”

Gail Havig

Best Interior Styles for Wellness

Have Awaken Designs design and style your home so it’s the rejuvenating space you’d love.  Bring more wellness into your home environment. Feel nourished by where you live.

We work with all forms of residences: homes, apartments, townhouses, new developments, special needs and rental accommodation.

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