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The Body Talks Podcast with Delahrose Roobie Myer on Life’s Natural Design
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Specialist Interior Designer for Environmental Wellness

You feel magnetised when you’re in a high-vibrational space. More energy and connection flows.

You have an increased feeling of wellness and your energy levels increase when you’re in a home or residential development holistically designed and styled by Awaken Designs.

Awaken Designs’ spaces are internationally and nationally award winning. Renowned for visual and energetic beauty, they yield greater business returns too.

Founder and Interior Design Alchemist Delahrose Roobie Myer specialises in infusing aesthetic beauty with harmonising esoteric energy.

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Services: Interior Design for Developments and Homes.

Services: Interior Design for Developments and Homes.

Awaken Designs offers specialist luxury resort, spa, residential development, retail, home design and styling to create holistic spaces that bring more wellness. We take the best in what works in wellness centre design concepts and re-apply these principles to residential developments, resorts, spas and homes. We simply create stunning environments that people really want to be in.

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Harris Farm, 11 stores

Belle Cheval Equestrian Estate, NSW

Luxury Seabreeze beach house

Art-Deco Family Home, Brisbane

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Health & Wellness

According to the 2018 Build Well, Live Well Report, ‘Wellness’ is a US$3.7 trillion industry that’s growing faster...

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Visual Merchandising

From the moment a customer walks through your door, they enter a visual, touchy-feely blueprint of your business....

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“We engaged Delahrose Roobie Myer initially to help with the design and interior decoration of a very large apartment. Her work was so extraordinary that we engaged her to assist with the functionality and interior design of our new world class cosmetic medicine facility.”

Dr Chris and Andrea Moss – Liberty Belle Skincare

Bring More Wellness to Your Environment

Take the principles of interior design for wellness spaces. Apply them to residential developments, retail and homes. You get much better spatial harmony, more wellness – and happier people!

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