Awaken Equus breaks new ground in the design of Australian equine facilities - it seeks to be part of the landscape rather than merely on the land. Dellarose has overturned the Southern Highlands convention of white picturesque farm buildings – an idea imported from the racing communities of the USA – and has created a unique architectural “place”. By choosing to stain the buildings black, contrasting with brilliant white pebble drives, and by embedding them in a rich and verdant setting, Dellarose has imbued the individual and memorable architecture with the creative and professional ethics of her stud farm.

James Grose

We engaged Dellarose Rubi-Baevski initially to help with the design and interior decoration of a very large (32 square) apartment. Her work was so extraordinary that we then engaged her to assist with the functionality and interior design of our new world class cosmetic medicine facility – Liberty Belle Skin Centre.

We wanted the new Liberty Belle Skin Centre building to provide our clients and patients with an environment that was medical but luxurious. The concepts we gave Dellarose were: beauty, harmony and balance without sacrificing style, functionality and also practicality for our team of doctors and nurses. Dellarose believes that the soul only flourishes when it is expressed in every part of your physical experience and this was always her goal.

We couldn’t be more delighted with Dellarose’s work on both projects. Our clients and patients continually comment that they feel as though they are in a home in France somewhere – and that’s in the medical centre !

It was a pleasure to work with Dellarose and her turnaround on time critical issues was always before deadlines.

Dellarose also has wonderful industry contacts and can source fabulous tiles and fabrics from all over the world.

Dr Chris and Andrea Moss

Dellarose is one of those unique individuals that has a style all of their own, not dictated to by the perceived looks or trends of the moment, an authentic and original thinker. The spaces at her own beautiful property Morton View equestrian estate are rich with vibrant colour and interesting objects, gorgeous artwork and perfect placement. A delicious blend of sumptuous glamour and intimate cosy spaces that are inviting, restful and comforting all at once. Dellarose works in complete harmony with the space, creating a simmering synergy that cannot help but generate enthusiasm and absolute originality and a sense of place.

Di Dixon

I have worked closely on many Architectual projects with Dellarose Baevski over a ten year period. As well as being very creative and insightful; Dellarose not only has a great eye for detail, her forward planning and knowledge of products and applications is highlighted with her detailed specifications & design boards she provides for projects. These attributes assist in early cost planning, construction procurement and management; allowing projects to come in on time and on budget. She is highly talented in the field of interior design. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending Dellarose for any design project

Gary Breakwell

I have known the talented Dellarose Rubi Baevski-Myer for fifteen years and have had the privilege of being her Real Estate agent and marketing her appealing properties, one of which was the eclectic heritage listed Woolstore apartment at Newstead in Queensland. This property was my introduction to the stunning cutting-edge design of Dellarose. I considered it to be truly “an awakening”. In my 37 years of selling real estate, might I say that the purchaser of that particular project continues to reside in that amazing environment. Then we progress to Dellarose next residential project which was a stunning 1930s Art deco residence. This residence epitomised the glory of the art deco era whilst exuding a modern, eco-friendly yet functional twist – sheer genius. I have also had experience in marketing some of Dellarose's professional expertise in the world of business design, of family residential and of course the amazing 1770 seascape, eco-friendly project, which is a true winner that encompasses and cradles the environment.

Gail Havig

Dellarose is highly gifted with a visceral connection to the aesthetic of any environment — she knows how to create harmony, not merely thanks to her exceptional sense of art and design, but through her connected vision that springs from her unique ability to plug into a space.

I am constantly amazed, impressed and deeply inspired by the almost magical way that Dellarose can bring practical sensibilities together with her heightened intuition and ability to read the total energy pattern of a space.

The talent she has is clearly innate and covers an integral appreciation of colour, flavour, aroma, the sensuality of texture and the harmony of the visual form, as well as the essential, but often-overlooked ingredient, the human need for beauty — a beauty that is not just projected out onto a space, like a dislocated art piece, but one that seems to organically emerge from the surrounding environment.

In the first instance, Dellarose connects to the person in front of her and, through this connection, the rest unfolds almost effortlessly.

How can someone do all of that?
The secret, and keep this to yourself, is that Dellarose is an Alchemist. Having worked with Dellarose intensively over the best part of a year, I can personally attest to her special and diverse abilities.

Laurence James Lucas

Call Delahrose: Australia: + 61 (0)414 387 835