Elevate the everyday into the sublime

Design is personal. Not only is it a reflection of ourselves to the outside world, it also cultivates our inner emotional landscape. At Awaken Designs, we seek to deeply listen and understand our client’s vision, to hone our appreciation for the place and space, it’s form and function, so that we can anticipate what a client wants even before they know it themselves. We know design is personal. We design for the whole person.

Design should seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment with minimal disruption. Our long-standing commitment to ecologically friendly design and sustainability is evidenced in our numerous awards. Ecological design works intelligently with site requirements and closely with architects and tradespeople to ensure the best possible outcomes for the environment, the client’s vision, and our design concepts.

Most importantly, the final outcome should not only look good but also feel good to those who will live there or use the space. This means luxurious touches, long-lasting quality finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

Let Awaken Designs be your on-site custodian, working with architects, builders, tradespeople and artisans to bring our vision to fruition.

About the lotus flower

The lotus flower was a natural choice to represent the Awaken Designs brand and philosophy. A symbol of the sun, creation and spiritual enlightenment, the exquisite lotus represents beauty in its most refined form, a harmony of shape and colour that soothes and delights.

The fragmented outline of the flower in awaken designs’ logo evokes Ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints, reflecting the painstaking care taken over every aspect of a design project.

Yellow is a symbol of the third chakra, where all creation is born, and of the sun, the ultimate giver of life.

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