Designs of substance

Delahrose Roobie established Awaken Designs in 2003 to marry her experience and expertise in health and wellness with sustainable, holistic design. Delahrose saw a need to bring the healing, sensual ambience of high-end spas to interior design so as to create spaces of sanctuary.

The spaces we occupy go far beyond providing shelter alone – they are deeply connected with our inner worlds, influencing our moods and emotions, sparking inspiration and motivation, and cultivating joy. Let Delahrose Roobie connect your home to your life and environment, enabling a greater flow of energy, and styling your soul-full home.

Reflecting your life

Delahrose’s vision for Awaken Design is to create truly individual sanctuaries that reflect her client’s personalities and inspire their lives. Delahrose’s holistic approach blends her background in the health and wellness industry with experience in sustainable development and an astute eye for design. Delahrose has travelled the world in search of the most inspiring and healing spa and wellness environments and this relentless exploration is evident in her vast research and keen attention to detail on every project, in order to exceed her clients’ expectations.

Awaken Designs have an extensive portfolio encompassing a great variety of work. Large scale projects include the Sunrise at 1770 village on the Capricorn Coast – awarded Australia’s Best Sustainable Development – where Awaken Designs was instrumental in the planning, creation and implementation of the key design concepts. Awaken Design’s innovative work in sustainable, luxurious design has attracted a swathe of awards and accolades, including Australia’s Best Sustainable Development in Australia by the Urban Development Institute of Australia in 2008 and Best Sustainable Development in Queensland by the Urban Development Institute of Australia in 2007.

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